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Have you heard of Russian, Remy, Virgin, European, or Slavic hair? These are just a few of the many different labels associated with hair extensions and are clever marketing labels used to appeal to you. While many suppliers use such terminology, it can be hard to know what exactly you’re getting and paying for. So how do you know which option you should choose?

So how do you know which option you should choose?

Due to sustainability of production, mainstream hair is simply Indian or Chinese hair masked with different labels. Hair is almost always black, therefore needs to be bleached, and processed to achieve any other colors. Factories chemically treat and process the hair to make you believe it is the product you are being sold.

Factors such as hair regions, selection, and chemicals all compromise the health and integrity of the hair. This is why certain types of extensions will never give you the results you are looking for.

Salt Strands Hair Co. offers our customers authentic, raw Asian hair. By ensuring our hair is never mislabelled and limiting chemicals involved during our processing, we can guarantee natural looking extensions and longer lasting results

Unlike hair made of synthetic fibers, human hair bundles come from different individuals, both young and old. However, one donor does not have enough hair to make one pack. This means the collection of hair is one of the most important tasks in producing the product correctly. Professional hair collectors travel to regional areas to acquire healthier hair from young females, as hair from city regions is often not in its natural form, and over processed by chemicals.

did you know?

Professional hair collectors travel to regional areas to acquire healthier hair from young females, as hair from city regions is often not in its natural form, and over processed by chemicals.

Once hair has been collected, experienced workers hand pick bundle by bundle, separating the high-grade, average, and poor-quality hair (A, B, and C bins). Most hair manufacturers are buying hair from hair collectors, whereas Salt Strands Hair Co. is dealing directly with a manufacturer who has been collecting hair themselves for a very long time.

Being a hair collector themselves, our factory keeps tons of raw hair material, which is one of our greatest advantages of our factory compared to others. This is the main reason why Salt Strands Hair Co. extensions are more natural, unique in texture, and tangle free. Our hair will outlast other extensions because of the high-grade, raw hair we are using, and this is also why it costs more for us and the consumer to purchase.


As factory hair is often collected from multiple donors, the cuticles don’t always face in the same direction —— so instead of each strand sliding past each other, they get caught and begin to tangle.

This is why its so important we work with expert hair collectors who hand pick the finest raw hair to begin with.

The microscopic cuticles on human hair are integral to ensuring they don’t tangle or mat.

Raw hair is the only type of extensions that will continue to look and feel amazing in a years time.

We want you to love your hair for as long as possible, so we make sure it’s handpicked and treated as naturally as possible, so you experience the natural fluffy texture raw hair has to offer.


Salt Strands Hair Co. is sustainably and ethically sourced from rural communities across Western China, and traded for fair compensation, by expert hair collectors who hand pick young, fine, raw hair.

Unlike Indian hair, Western Chinese hair is stronger and finer in texture. Finer hair can be lifted more easily, therefore resulting in cooler and brass free tones that can last much longer. Our advanced processing method takes 1-2 weeks and is executed in gentle stages, using no harsh chemicals or silicone. This ensures the hair retains its strength, lustre and natural beauty for much longer than hair that’s been stripped by harsher chemical processing.


We have exclusive rights to the supply chain from start to finish, so no other company can offer a hand tied product of this nature. This allows stylists to achieve perfectly blended tones and color customization. With most extensions, drying time is such a labor intensive process. Due to the high quality of our raw hair, the dry time is split in half. We can offer our clients and stylists the most time efficient and long lasting results — game changers in the extension world.


Although we are careful with our selection of hair and our coloring processes have limited chemicals involved, color inconsistencies can occur from time to time.

Our hair is single drawn, not double drawn (collected from different donors), and our hair tapers at the end for a more natural look.


To give the look and feel of a natural product, most mainstream hair is stripped of its cuticle and coated in chemicals.

This initially causes the hair to look artificially smooth, until you wash the hair a few times, at which time the real product is then exposed —— where it becomes tangled, dry, and lifeless.

Salt Strands Hair Co. not only maintains it’s real life texture and bounce, but it holds onto the color better. High-grade raw hair is the most luxurious option on the market, and we are stoked to be able to provide it for you!