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shadowing is BACK and better than ever.

there is SO much that goes into being a successful stylist:

+ perfecting color techniques

+ mastering your extension skills

+ cutting and styling

+ capturing the perfect photo

+ business

+ marketing

+ social media

+ shall i keep going...

the point is, we wear A LOT of hats as stylists and it can get over whelming sometimes. this 3-part shadowing experience is completely tailored to you and will show you how to cut the overwhelm + truly design and live your dream life.

PART one — get to know you discovery call

this is where I will get to know you and learn about your biggest goals and greatest challenges. the discovery call will allow me to completely tailor your shadowing experience to perfectly meet your needs. we will go over:

+ what challenges you are running into with your color|extension skills, business, personal and of course mindset (cause duh it’s everything)

+ your current goals

+ designing your dream life

+ what you want to learn at your shadow experience

PART two — in-person shadowing experience

we will start the day off with your favorite coffee, or green juice.

then we will jump right into color + extensions. the clients for the day will be tailored to the things you chose to learn in your discovery call.

lunch will be catered in.

after a full day of tailored learning all things hair and extensions related, we will design your dream life and create the steps on how to get there.

PART THREE — accountability follow up call

we've all taken classes or tried to implement new skills and ran into some hiccups along the way.

the follow up call is to answer any questions, hold you accountable to the goals you set + keep your momentum moving towards creating that dream life.